The Young And The Restless - Official page of the number one rated daytime drama.

SoapCity - Unofficial Y&R page.



Internet Movie Database - Find out more about all of your favorite movies.

Filmbug - The movie search engine.

The Books of Tommy Lightfoot Garrett - Excellent writings and insight into Hollywood's past by friend and Author, Tommy Lightfoot Garrett.



Virtual Encyclopedia - A pointer to thousands of web resources. If you need info and can't find it elsewhere. This is your one stop shopping zone. But beware, you can get stuck in a sea of fascinating facts.

William Strunk Jr's. ELEMENTS OF STYLE - This is one for the Writers out there. No matter how well schooled we are, there's bound to be a grammar issue that slows us down. This site displays a complete--free--online copy of what many call the best grammar instruction available. (Search for many additional writer resources.)


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