Canyon News Article - 06/20/2010

CBS Soaps In Depth Article - 10/12/2009

Soap Opera Digest Article - July, 2009
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Canyon News - Book Review - 6/28/09

Rave review of Heath's new book, Can I See Your I.D, Son?

Canyon News Interview - 6/21/09

Canyon News reporter Tommy Garrett shares his exclusive interview with Heath Kizzier on writing, acting and life. 


Soap Digest Article - 2002

Praise for Dog Walker - Book Fair News
June 21, 2001

DOG WALKER is an adventure thriller that pins the reader under the covers with relentless action.”

“Kizzier fleshes out his characters with such depth of human reality that they literally breathe life on the page.”

“ . . .action sequences are so raw and produce such a dangerous reader heart rate that Hollywood will surely take quick notice.” 

“Instantly noticeable is Kizzier’s grasp of nature as he delves into the realm of rugged wilderness survival. At the end of the Dog Walker experience, be prepared: you will find yourself packing for a primitive excursion into the nearest mountain range.

“Dog Walker is a refreshing spin on the thriller genre as Kizzier decisively pits Old World concepts against the New. So unexpected are the plot twists that you should plan on a late night and a mantra of “just one more chapter.”




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