Can I See Your I.D., Son?
Broadhead Books

Quite often an actor bursts on the scene and everyone says, ‘He’s an overnight success.’ But this is a true story of one actor whose road to the top was twisted and filled with potholes. The reader will follow the author on an adventure from his childhood days homeless in the Colorado Rockies, to the pinnacle of success as a television actor. But this difficult exploration can also be funny and ironic—from encounters with a bear, to an earthquake, to an evil mountain in the Alps that nearly kills him. Along the way you can listen to the inner voices of a man coming of age and reaching a dream he might not have known existed without his own determination. You will laugh, you might cry, and you will certainly be entertained by this revealing story.

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Dog Walker
Salvo Press

From the harsh wilderness of the Black Hills to the rugged isolation of the San Juan Mountains in Colorado, Dog Walker is a high adventure suspense thriller from start to finish. After running away from home at age fourteen, Scott Garrison was trained by one of the last true Sioux Scouts in the ways of the wilderness. Now a respected environmental attorney in L.A., Garrison is still drawn away from the hectic city life once a year on the Soul Find - a required Sioux ritual that cleanses the mind, body, and soul. But this year what he finds in the Colorado Rockies could get him killed. Garrison must use stealth, combat and survival skills, and psychological warfare to leave the mountain alive. And he only has forty-eight hours to stop an evil plot to destroy the world as we know it.

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Urban Healer

Best selling author David Chase has unknowingly written a story that parallels a gruesome but real-life terrorist attack. Chase becomes the key suspect of an intense CIA investigation, and soon his reputation, his livelihood, and ultimately his life becomes the target of extinction.

The man known only as the Urban Healer, an underground cult figure born with extraordinary powers of the senses and an uncanny ability to heal, saves Chase's life from an assassination attempt. As fugitives, they flee across the country in a desperate search for answers in a race against impending apocalyptic doom

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